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About us

Our mission

Ski Master offers high-quality ski race training for athletes from around the globe. The training program is a blend of the Canadian and European Alpine coaching methodology as well as ski instructor methodology.

Founded in 2001, we have trained over 400 ski racers. Our clientele have transitioned into successful, elite skiers. Some have competed at regional, provincial, national and international levels. Ski Master continues to develop our racers with a professional and fun orientated philosophy.

Our history

The philosophy of Ski Master coaches is derived from organizations such as the Canadian National Ski Team, the Ski Coaches Federation, the Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance, the Alliance Demo Team, world champions and world cup winners.

We continuously strive to develop our athletes in new and exciting ways. This can only be made possible by providing the ideal training environment at world class skiing resorts with a qualified and experienced coaching team. Hintertuxer Gletscher provides a first-rate and challenging training environment. Athletes are exposed to teams ranging from regional to national levels that come to train from all over the world.


Ski Master provides all inclusive packages which include airfare, transportation, comfortable Austrian lodging, lift tickets, meals, professional ski tuning services on site, daily video sessions, day trips to major city centers with guided tours and much more!

Ski Master
 would like to thank its long-time partners: Hintertuxer Gletscher, Zilleraler Viererlei and Owl’s Head Ski Club.  We are especially proud of our close cooperation with the market leaders of the ski-world: Atomic, Nordica, Fisher, Snoli, Briko and Spyder.

Club Members

Camps Organized

Years of Experience


Ski Master Team

Ski Master Team is composed of highly certified coaches, physiotherapists, fitness instructors, nutritionists and sport psychologists. All those specialists, have many years of National, International and Olympic experience.

Cedomir Tanackovic

Ski Master General Manager and Program Director | Level 4 Ski Instructor | High Performance Level Coach | EL and DL Evaluator

Milan Matic

Ski Master-Head Coach | National Olympic Team Coach | Head Coach of Cyprus National Ski Team | High Performance Level Coach

Sinisa Ostojic

Ski Master Coach | Performance Level Coach | Level 3 Ski Instructor

Eric Brider

Ski Master Coach | Performance Level Coach | Level 2 Ski Instructor

Guillaume Rousseau

Ski Master Coach | Development Level Coach

Stephanie Simard

Ski Master Coach and Physiotherapist | Performance Level Coach | Level 2 Ski Instructor | EL Mentor and Evaluator

Camill Fortin

EL Certified Coach

Yannick Bahl

Performance Level Coach | Level 3 Ski Instructor

Patrick Gauvin

Ski Master Coach | Performance Level Coach | Level 1 Ski Instructor

Nemanja Fridl

Ski Master Head Conditioning Coach | Development Level Coach | Level 2 Ski Instructor

Jo-Ann Seguin

Ski Master Coach | EL Certified Coach | Level 2 Ski Instructor